Every day is Ashura and everywhere is Karbala

I come from Karbala but my heart has stayed there.
And it is telling me to go back again.

May my mother, father, and I be sacrified just one glance.
In my dream I see myself coming to your shrine and tying myself there.
(meaning: to stay there)

„If you have not seen a crazy person,
look! they call us crazy.

We used to be normal,
but the love of Hussain made us crazy.

My logic has been taken by God,
the love of Hussain has taken over instead

Everyone has a friend in his heart,
in our heart, it’s Hussain that is the friend

Everyone has a tranquil song,
the song in my heart is Yaa Hussain





An oasis of parched throats
Built on tears

A single name
Hussain endears
1400 unmoving years

A head on a spear
Tilawate Koran Word of God
Rising beyond frontiers

Yazidiyat misplaced
spiritual profiteers
as modern day terrorists reappears

to save Islam volunteers
a new hope a new light appears

Ahle Bait..The power wisdom of God
The darkness within our souls clears
All our sufferings our sorrows disappear
Their blessings on our heads as souvenirs