A war criminal visited Chicago. He was feted by the University of Chicago, which, like every U.S. institution, offers a safe space for war criminals to explain why racism and mass murder of brown people are good and necessary. This is called „free speech“ and „respectful dialog.“ Olmert was invited to give the annual „King Abdullah II leadership lecture.“ Now, every word of this expression deserves a Talmudic commentary.

„Lecture,“ because Olmert was supposed to speak for twenty minutes unchallenged, followed by pre-screened softball questions allowed by the organizers. Respect for war criminals precludes the right to call them out on their crimes.
„Leadership,“ because this is what higher education stands for, the training of the next generation of leaders, those who will be called upon to commit crimes against the lesser breed, to justify and rationalize these crimes, to avert their eyes when they are being committed, and to treat the criminals with the highest respect and deference .

„Abdullah II,“ because the King of Jordan, affectionately called „King Playstation“ by Angry Arab, is the kind of leader brown people should be proud of. Trained and educated in the colonial mother country, (where he absorbed the same values shared by Olmert and his listeners in Chicago), King PS2 is a CIA contractor on the White Man’s payroll. His sympathy for Palestinians is so legendary, he did not have to apologize for being more occupied with his dog’s health than with the massacres last year in Gaza. Indeed, while Palestinians in Gaza were butchered, he sent his dog to Israel to be treated by Israel’s superior veterinary medicine. King Abdullah II is also famous for the kind of „free speech“ celebrated by Chicago University. Who then is better placed to grace a lecture by war criminal Olmert, who ordered and oversaw the punitive expedition into the heart of Gaza, than Abdullah II?

However, some thirty area activists conspired to disrupt the ceremony of death at Chicago University, and their illegal and uncouth shenanigans have been immortalized by a clandestine video recording, which I hope is going to inspire us all to match and better at every opportunity.